4 Years Old Schedule Holidays Half Day

Like 3’s, four-year olds thrive in an environment of security and appropriate expectations. They are sensitive and appreciative, while needing nurturing and encouragement. However, because their cognitive physical and social development is more advanced, they need a great deal of activity and opportunity for understanding the real world. Fours enjoy being read to, participating in group activities and opportunities to explore. They are learning to listen, model language and actions of others, like to change tasks frequently and begin to use simple tools. At Bright Beginnings in the Infant/Toddler Porgam infants experience warm, loving, and nurturing surroundings. We understand the importance of providing a secure place where they can fully develop their own little bodies and personalities. We work to make the environments beautiful yet warm with both bright and subdued colors. They have toys specifically for their age, and play areas to explore with so much more. As the infant continues to grow he or she begins to show both verbal and nonverbal behavior. We talk to them individually, and we read them stories to begin exposing them to different sounds. In fact, we try to provide them with experiences to all five senses: taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound… every day. We also believe that interactions help children of this age adjust and fit into their surroundings. The teachers are in constant contact with the children. Each child begins to feel that they are in safe and loving hands. A soothing voice and a gentle hug go a long way. We play special music to help them fall asleep. The day moves at their pace not ours. As they move from infants to toddlers we supply a little more structure to keep their little minds and bodies active during the day. Their individual growth at these stages is astonishing. At the toddlers age we sing, play games, continue reading books, undertake art projects, all in the same warm environment they experienced as infants. This allows them to transition naturally to the toddler level.

2018-2019 Half Day


M 3 Labor Day! No Preschool.
T 4 First Day for 3s Enrichment & 4s Enrichment!
W 5 First Day of MWF 4s!
  M 10 Rosh Hashanah – No Preschool.
  W 19 Yom Kippur- No Preschool.


F 5 NF Public School Prof. Dev. Day- No Preschool.
M 8 Columbus Day – No Preschool.
Th, F 18, 19 Picture Day!
  W 31 Halloween Party!


T 6 Election Day / NF Public School Prof. Dev. Day – No Preschool.
M 19 Thanksgiving Party!
W-F 21-23 Thankgiving Holiday – No Preschool.


M-F 24-28 HolidayVacation – No Preschool.
  M 31 New Year’s Eve – No Preschool.
During the winter months listen to WLAD 80 AM,TV News Channels or check our website: nfbrightbeginnings.com for a link to our Facebook page for public school closings. Private Preschool will not be held on Public School snow days. Private Preschool classes will attend class in the afternoon when New Fairfield Public Schools are delayed.


T 1 Bright Beginnings is CLOSED– New Year’s Day.
W 16 Winter Festival!
M 21 Martin Luther King Day – No Preschool.
TBA Parent/Teacher Conference.


W 13 Valentine’s Day Party!
M, T 18, 19 President’s Day / Winter Break – No Preschool.




M-F 15-19 SpringVacation – No Preschool.


M 22 Public School is Closed. No Preschool.


W 8 Tentative Mother’s Day Celebration.
M 27 Memorial Day – No Preschool.


TBA Parent Teacher Conference.
F 14 4 Year Old Graduation.
Week of 10th Tentative last day of Preschool.
M 24 Summer Camp Begins!