Sick Child Exclusion Policy


The staff will exclude sick children as necessary to minimize the spread of illness and infection, to protect other children and staff, and to be able to safely care for all children in the program.

Procedure/ Practice:

Children should not attend the program and will be excluded for the following reasons:
  1. Wheezing or cough continues after treatment.
  2. The child has trouble breathing or is breathing fast.
  3. The child has a fever over 100° F (axillary or temporal) or 101° F (oral or otic).
  4. The child is too weak or tired to take part in normal activities. An illness that prevents the child from participating comfortably in the daily activities or the needs of the child is greater than the staff can safely give.
  5. The child is in pain.
  6. The child has a suspicious rash.
  7. The child has a communicable disease.
  8. The child has had vomiting, or two or more loose, diarrhea stools.
  9. If a child becomes ill while at the program, consult the head teacher and/or site Director.
The Parent will be contacted as soon as possible. When determined necessary, the child will be separated from the other children in a quiet area until they are picked up. The staff will complete the daily health check and illness report. The manager and the parent/guardian will review and sign. A copy will be placed in the child’s record, and a copy will be provided to the health consultant to review. Staff will distribute family alerts as necessary specific to the illness/infection. Application: This policy applies to all staff, children, volunteers and families.