Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Center’s Policy Statement. Regulations have been adopted to meet specific requirements to maintain state licensing and to provide families with the highest quality childcare. We encourage you to ask questions about any policy you are unsure of its intent.
  1. Hours of operation are 6:00p.m. Monday through Friday.
  2. A current completed health form (yearly visits) must be on file for each child at all times. The Connecticut State Health Department requires each certificate to be signed by a doctor and must show that each child has been immunized against chicken pox, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles, mumps and rubella and any other requirements specified by the State of CT. Please provide us a new copy when you go for yearly checkups.
  3. In the event of severe weather please call NF Bright Beginnings will notify parent via Bright wheel app as well as our Facebook page for any closings or delayed openings.
  4. The center maintains a 24 hr. policy that a child with a fever (>100 F), vomiting, diarrhea or pink eye with drainage during the night will not be admitted the following morning for the safety of the other children. If a child becomes ill during the day, we will notify the parent to have the child picked up as quickly as possible and should not return the next day. Only those names listed on the emergency sheet will be allowed to pick up the child. If a child does not attend due to illness, payment is still due.
  5. If a child is in need of any medication (prescription/non-prescription) during the school day, the child’s doctor and parent must sign a Medication Authorization form. This form is available in the lobby or on our website. All medication brought into the center must be in its original container with your child’s name on it. Per state law, we cannot administer any medication that is not labeled or without a doctor’s order – this includes over the counter medications such as Tylenol or Benadryl. Parents may come to the school to give medications if needed. Medication must be handed directly to a staff member and can never be left in a child’s belongings.
  6. For convenience, we accept payments via Bright Wheel. The entire month’s tuition for Infant/Toddler, Full Day and Half Day Preschool and the K.O.T.G. school age program is due in full on the 5th of each month and is non-refundable. Late payments will incur a $40 late fee. Electronic bank payments have a processing fee of up to $0.60 and credit card payments have a processing fee of up to 2.9%. Accounts more than two weeks overdue are subject to suspension of service. Enrollment forms and other information are available from the office or the website.
  7. Private preschool tuition is based on the total amount of days in the calendar year from September through June. Tuition is a yearly fee divided into ten non-refundable monthly payments. June payment will remain the same as all other months and is not influenced by the last day of the program. The entire month’s tuition will be due by the 5th of each month
  8. A non-refundable $150.00 registration fee covering supplies, books and liability insurance is required for all children. An annual non-refundable re-enrollment fee of $100.00 is required for all subsequent year.
  9. Licensing and scheduling requirements prevent credit for holidays, vacations, sick days, necessary quarantine, inclement weather days and/or natural disaster, i.e. hurricane, tornado, snowstorms, power outages, etc.
  10. No peanut, tree nuts, or products of nuts are permitted in the center due to the presence of children with life threatening allergies. Please do not send any nut containing foods to school (labels reading “container may contain” nuts).
  11. All lunch boxes are required to have a freezer pack in them regardless of the content, in accordance with the State of CT regulations. Bright Beginnings provides milk during lunch, and a morning and afternoon snack consisting of milk or juice, fresh fruit and crackers. Sample menus will be posted. If a child requires special food, the parent is required to provide that food. Occasionally, special snacks for birthdays and activities maybe provided by parents. Food items must be store bought, nut free, with all ingredients labeled the package. Homemade items cannot be shared. Please be sure to let us know of any food allergies or special dietary considerations.
  12. NF Bright Beginnings retains the right to discontinue its service to any family at the Center’s discretion. This includes, but is not limited to payment problems, parental problems, child behavior problems, bringing in sick children, etc. Any child admitted to the Center will be enrolled for a two-week trial period to ensure proper adjustment.
  13. Parents are welcome to visit at any time during operating hours. Telephone calls are also welcomed.
  14. Children’s articlesof clothing/food should be labeled. We are not responsible for lost/broken items.
  15. At no time will any child be subjected to physical or demeaning verbal punishment. Discipline will be in the form of discussing the problem with the child. If necessary, the child may be disciplined by temporary separation from the other children and activities. However, the child will never be away from the car of a teacher/aide.
  16. Late charges of $25.00 for the first 15 minutes or part thereof will apply to any child left at the center past the 6:00p.m. closing. Any additional charge of $1.00 past 15 minutes will be charged for each additional minute. Please call if you know you will be late. If the teacher has not been able to contact anyone to come and collect the child, and the child remains at the center until 7:00p.m., the child will then be considered an abandoned child and the police will be notified.
  17. We ask families to give at least two weeks of notice of their plans to withdraw their children. Tuition reimbursement / refund for the month cannot be issued for children who attend a portion of the month or leave mid-month.
  18. If your child will not be attending school because of illness, vacation or a special visitor, please give us a call and/or via Bright Wheel. We look forward to seeing your child and appreciate notice when they will not be here.
  19. Field trips/Outside events that are educational and fun, are planned during the year. Children in attendance are expected to participate. We cannot provide care for children who do not come on the trip due to staffing considerations.
  20. Children enrolled in all preschool programs, with the exception of the infant/toddler program, must be potty trained by the start of school. We understand that sometimes little ones have bathroom accidents. That’s why all our students are required to have a change of clothing kept at Bright Beginnings.
  21. Toddler and Preschool parents, please provide a standard sized crib sheet in addition to a blanket and/or “lovey” for your child’s nap time. Infant parents, please provide a pack n’ play sheet for your child’s nap times.