Behavioral Management & Discipline Techniques

NF Bright Beginning’s discipline policy adheres to the guidelines presented in the “Seven Principles of Discipline”.
  • Tell children what they can do instead of what they can’t do.
  • Protect and preserve children’s feelings that they are lovable and capable
  • Offer children choices only when they are willing to abide by their decisions.
  • Change the environment instead of the child’s behavior.
  • Work with children instead of against them.
  • Give children safe limits they can understand. Recognize their feelings without accepting their actions. Maintain your authority calmly and consistently. When children break rules, allow them to experience the consequences of their behavior.
  • Set a good example. Speak and act only in ways we want children to speak and act.
These guidelines provide a framework for ensuring effective disciplinary situations with the children. Although each disciplinary situation is unique, an example of accepted measures would include:
  1. Tell the child we do not like what he or she is doing and why.
  2. Take the toy (example) from the child.
  3. Redirect the child to a different toy or activity.
  4. Remove the child from the group (but within eye range of the teacher) until the child is ready to re-join the group and follow the rules.
  5. When a child is removed from the group, he or she is isolated for one minute for each year of age. After that time, the teacher will confer with the child and suggest that he or she return to the group.
  6. Our policy is designed to teach children how to: A. Use words. B. Walk away Ask for help. C. The center does not and will not employ any of the following disciplinary procedures: – Harsh or abusive tone of voice with the children – Physical punishment, including spanking, hitting, shaking, grabbing or physical restraint (physical restraint will not be used unless it is necessary to protect the safety and health of the child and/or others). – No punishment which would humiliate, frighten or subject a child to neglect in any manner will be tolerated by the management of NF Bright Beginnings.